Our Story


Live Fraiche is a woman-owned business that hand selects products to help enhance women's natural beauty. Our goal is to allow women to feel so comfortable in their own skin that they can see their own unfiltered, raw beauty. Live Fraiche founder, Hiba Malik, was known for her long dark lashes and full brows and was constantly asked what she did to get them. Always hesitant to use any chemical serums on her body, Hiba opted for a generations old remedy instead - cold pressed Indian castor oil. She realized not many people knew about this natural ancient remedy and that those who did, did not have convenient ways of buying and applying it. That's where the idea for her first product, the custom double ended Live Fraiche Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum, came from.

Fraiche is a French word that means: fresh, youthful, dewy, lush which is exactly how she wanted people to feel after using her products. She wanted to build a brand that showed women they didn't have to choose chemically filled products to feel beautiful when there are so many nutrient rich ingredients found in nature that could be used instead - hence the brand tag line, "a natural way to a better you".  So, during her senior year of college she decided to start designing and working on her first product - the Live Fraiche 100% Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Treatment. She started out with little funds and a dream, spending long hours recruiting her family to help hand pack each individual box at their kitchen table years later Live Fraiche has continued to grow, adding more products to the line and even more coming. 

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